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Hi if you have had you Large satellite installed in the last 5/6 years & have issues with the signal it should only need a service call visit to sort it out & get the channels back you have been having issues with. Call or Email for an appointment.

If you have the Large dish you can now get the best of both worlds with satellite & sreamed services with catch up & box sets in one box. Call or email for more info.


BISS keys which secure the Arqiva BBC and ITV feeds to Intelsat 907 27.5w have again changed today, for the second time in two weeks. The last change was on 26th. November.
New keys are already freely available on hackers’ websites.
There are unsubstantiated rumours that frequent key changes are now the norm, pending a complete change of encryption to a much more secure system.
It’s extremely unwise, given this uncertainty, to buy new equipment or have an installation carried out to receive 27.5w. In southern Spain and the Algarve region of Portugal, offers of boxes and dishes to get the BBC back are common. A typical deal might be an 80 cm dish and a “reprogrammed” decoder. If an installer has turned round your dish to face west, it is likely to be pointing to 27.5w.

THE 907 27.5W SCAM
The loss of BBC services in Spain and Portugal has provoked a flurry of interest in finding alternatives. Intelsat 907, a satellite at 27.5º west, carries BBC, ITV and C4. It can be received on relatively modest-sized dishes in Europe. Receivers to pick up the broadcasts have been seen on sale in Southern Portugal and Spain. Installers are even offering to “re-tune” dishes to 27.5º W (which renders them useless for Sky). Protected by BISS encryption, the codes are regularly broken by hackers. When codes change, new hacks are posted on the internet within days. There is anecdotal evidence of engineers feeding Intelsat’s signals into communal systems in Gibraltar, following the loss of the BBC.
This private system for Freeview transmitters in Britain is run by Arqiva.
Making use of it may sound like harmless fun, but here’s a message we received a few days ago:

Intelsat 907 Spotbeam Europe 1″I was approached by a Sky supplier in Spain last year with a product that would get you back BBC/ITV etc.
It was for dishes and STB for Eutelsat 907. Being naive I invested in a stock of this system as they seemed an ideal solution. That was of course until the BISS code was changed and my Opticum boxes became useless. I soon realised that I entered into an investment without knowing the potential hazards…”
In Britain, under section 126, “Unauthorised decoders for encrypted services”, the 2003 Communications Act states that it’s a criminal offence to manufacture, import or distribute unauthorized decoders of encrypted transmissions.


As of August 5th 2014

Information regarding the Astra 2E & 2F signal

Since the launch there have been a few teething problems , however for a few months now the signals have been getting stronger & nobody should be without any terrestrial tv or radio channels.

The only issue we are coming across is the increasing very poor satellite installs , done by newcomers to the market with very poor installation of the support & incorrectly used equipment. One even asked that after he done the installs could i realign the dishes for him. Laughable.

The rule is get the job done correctly.

So if you are out of the uk spot beam start looking to get those dishes upgraded.

Hello…. As most of us by now realise, there are some changes going on high up in the sky regarding the UK satellite signals.

There will be a need to change to a larger dish (greater than the standard 1.2 mtr that you probably have at present), should you want to continue to receive the free to view satellite channels currently enjoyed. Following changes in December 2012, when a group of frequencies moved to a new satellite e.g. Channel 5, I have heard of many solutions as an alternative to buying a larger dish.

I shall go through some of the more ludicrous ideas. But, please be assured, there shall be no quick cheap fix other than the correct larger dish with increased signal gain.

  1.  Get 2 existing dishes & join the cables together from the dishes to make one large signal basically 1 & 1=5. This idea is ridiculous it’s untrue and electrically not possible.
  2. The next idea was to get some chicken wire to increase the dish size. This will have no beneficial effect.
  3. Get a larger LNB? I am not sure what that could even do other than not work.
  4. The next rumbling heard, several times, is to attach petals to the outer edge of the dish to increase its size on the current dishes. All well & good, except you will have to then change the focal point of the LNB, as the curvature of the dish needs to be taken into consideration. Some clever maths needed here.
  5. The other one to avoid is the satellite at 27.5w this is a back up satellite to the freeview in the uk, the keys change & over january there were a few weeks downtime until the keys were known. Not all the channels are on there it is not a viable alternative.

There are also articles & adverts stating that the new, larger 1.8 – 1.9 mtr dishes have been tested on the Astra 2F satellite. This may be true. However, it’s a brave statement that claims these dishes have been tested on ASTRA 2E & 2G which will ultimately be used for transmission. The 2E satellite does not launch ‘til May 20th 2013, hopefully. ASTRA 2G, I think may still be being built.

So, for all the stories you hear, one thing is definite. Uk free to air channels (BBCs, ITVs..) will become difficult to receive, without a correct size dish with correct gain.

Please be careful of cheap & cheerful systems. If you need any questions answered, then please call 620198162 or email

Thankyou for reading this article.

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