As of August 5th 2014

Information regarding the Astra 2E & 2F signal

Since the launch there have been a few teething problems , however for a few months now the signals have been getting stronger & nobody should be without any terrestrial tv or radio channels.

The only issue we are coming across is the increasing very poor satellite installs , done by newcomers to the market with very poor installation of the support & incorrectly used equipment. One even asked that after he done the installs could i realign the dishes for him. Laughable.

The rule is get the job done correctly.

So if you are out of the uk spot beam start looking to get those dishes upgraded.

As you may all have noticed some BBC HD channels CH5 CH4HD Five USA 5* CH4HD some itv regions are all on ASTRA 2F , soon to be put into service will be ASTRA 2E this is where all the remaining PSB channels will be placed.THIS SATELLITE IS NOW IN POSITION & IS EXPECTED TO BE TRANSMITTING AROUND MID FEB 2014. This shall result in loss of all these channels the only correct solution is a larger dish 1.95m.

There is much speculation regarding android tv ie tv via the internet , i shall put it like this , THE M25 Motorway at rush hour. but 24hrs a day. The current infrastructure shall not be able to cope with the extra demand of data for everyone to watch there tv as they do now, many resellers are telling customers that 2mg is sufficient whilst others are saying 4mg is ok i shall let you decide who to trust.

So to recap the larger dish is the correct & over the long term the cheaper option.

With the installation where possible the dishes should be floor mounted onto a concrete base & then tied with cable to the floor & wall for stability. Not only is this good practice but it helps in the dish not going AWOL during high winds.

The moral of this is getting it done right first time, beware of inferior installations.

If I can be of any more help just either ask on an email or call the number on the advert.

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