Contact us is based in Cantoria, Almería, Spain.

If you want to call us, our telephone number is +34.620.198.162.

Our offices are in Nr Almanzora (Almería)


You can also email us using the following two ways :

Email :

Email :

Twitter :  @Mytvcinema2005




2 Responses to Contact us

  1. Nick Hamilton-King says:

    Has the position of the broadcasting satellite changed in recent months? I have lost several channels including HD saying that the signal strength is too weak. One day the channels worked, the next they didn’t. I wonder, therefore, if my dish LNB is out of alignment. You installed it in January 2015.

    • Gary says:

      Hi nick apologies for the delay but didnt realise your message went into the spam folder. Nothing has changed with the signal i would suggest your LNB needs servicing & maybe a small tweak of the dish. Let me know if you need assistance & i can take a look MON/Tues or whenever suits you.

      Many Thanks

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