With some of the changes to the tv channels going to HD there has never been a better time to combine your tv service to one that offers so much more. You can have catchup services from iPlayer . ITV X , 4 On demand , My5 , UKTV all of these services are available just ask via Email or Call 

TV Box Sets & Video on Demand
TV Box Sets & Video on Demand


The BBC SD channels have now been removed & only  BBC HD Regions are available. These HD channels will still be available in our region, some boxes may require a tweak, please call or Email for assistance.

Why does my Satellite signal disappear

A question i am often asked is why do satellite signals reduce especially during the summer ?

Satellite signals can experience reductions or disruptions due to various factors. Here are some common reasons:

Atmospheric Conditions: The Earth’s atmosphere can attenuate or weaken satellite signals as they travel through it. Factors such as rain, snow, fog, and dense cloud cover can cause signal degradation. These weather conditions can scatter or absorb the radio waves used for satellite communication, leading to a reduction in signal strength.

Signal Blockage: Physical obstacles like buildings, trees, mountains, and other structures can obstruct the line of sight between the satellite and the receiving antenna. Signal blockage can cause signal loss or a significant reduction in signal strength, especially in urban environments with tall buildings or in areas with dense foliage.

Distance and Signal Decay: As satellite signals travel from the satellite in space to the receiving antenna on the ground, they undergo signal decay due to the inverse square law. According to this law, the signal strength decreases exponentially as the distance between the satellite and the receiver increases. Hence, the farther away the satellite is, the weaker the signal will be upon reaching the ground.

Interference: Interference from other electromagnetic sources can disrupt satellite signals. This interference can originate from nearby electronic devices, power lines, or other communication systems operating on similar frequencies. Interference can weaken the satellite signal and degrade its quality.

Solar Weather: Solar activity, such as solar flares or coronal mass ejections, can release bursts of charged particles and electromagnetic radiation into space. These particles and radiation can interfere with satellite signals, leading to signal degradation or even temporary signal loss during intense solar events.

Equipment Malfunction: Issues with the satellite equipment, such as faulty transmitters or receivers, damaged cables, or misaligned antennas, can also result in reduced signal strength. Equipment malfunctions can introduce signal loss or distortions, affecting the overall signal quality.

It’s worth noting that while satellite signals can be affected by these factors, advancements in technology, such as the use of higher-frequency bands, more efficient coding schemes, and better signal processing techniques, have helped mitigate some of these issues and improve overall signal reliability.

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